Halley provided extensive examples of age appropriate activities and engaging lessons for our targeted age group. She continues to network and share opportunities within the community after the training. This experience is extremely beneficial for yoga instructors, educators and anyone interested in working with children! 

Katie Mann

Special Education Teacher, M.Ed. 

Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT

I am a child psychologist in private practice. I thought taking a class on how to teach yoga to young children would aid me in helping others in a different way than my psychological training. Halley’s class was a great experience! She made it experiential and accessible to someone like me, who comes from outside the yoga training world. I learned some new ways to incorporate mindfulness into my psychology practice. It was a lot of fun! I would highly recommend this training to other mental health professionals who work with children and families. 

Melissa Korland, Ph.D. 

I am glad that I have Halley's Kids Yoga Teacher Training in my tool belt.  She gave us a lot of great games and activities to engage the kids with, but the things that have stuck with me the most are the rules and guidelines that go along with working with children.  This is priceless information that every yoga teacher should be aware of.    Halley's training was fun and efficient and two years later she is still available to me if I have any questions or concerns regarding a class.  

Amy Stover

Cleveland Yoga and Barre, 300 Hour RYT

“Halley is a total natural! In her training you learn how to make yoga enticing and approachable for children of all ages.” 

-Taryn Ponsky, mom